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Uncommonly Common


uncommonly common


I have lost count of the teachers, superiors, parental figures and figures of authority throughout my life that have uttered the words “use your common sense”.  Common sense, now there’s a concept to ponder in the year 2013.  It is a time when all that is good is called evil and all that is evil is called good. It is a season of moral imbalance on a titillation tight wire. We have people wanting to disarm the masses while doing nothing to disarm the faction that is doing the killing. We kill babies and baby killers. The fiscal economy is as upside down as the human economy and nearly as bankrupt. Use your common sense...don’t think that’s happening anymore.

Enter the Bible. You know that antiquated book full of fairy stories that the atheists so fervently study to disprove to Christians all that is good and true. Could it simply be that they are looking for loopholes? Or are they just in fear that they may have missed something really important.  Firstly, you cannot read the Bible with your eyes. You must ingest it with your heart.  It speaks wisdom; it oozes truth from between the lines of the factual history that it relates. If you call it a lie, it calls you a liar. Still, we see in all of the ranting and railing and quotes from the reliable Huffington Post, the sad and pathetic absence of “common sense”.

You see in the 1950s and 60s, common sense was not riding your bike off of a bridge or pointing a loaded gun at yourself. When I was a kid, common sense was not sitting in an empty refrigerator box in the middle of a busy highway. It was not jamming a butter knife in an electric outlet or looking into a hot frying pan. Common sense was pretty common. Something changed. Common sense is now...uncommon.

In this time in which we live, everybody is blaming the government, the liberals, the conservatives, the progressives, the independents.  The problem does not lie in the flag we fly, the animal we worship or the poor sap that got himself in over his political head. Greed goes back to Adam and know, the ones that never existed. It was perpetrated by Cain and Able. It carried over through the centuries in frauds and murderous behaviors. Envy has been chiseling away at common sense since the dawn of man. A guy named Jesus, you know, the fraud that was a master liar and faked his death and resurrection. He made the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see, the dead rise from their graves...that guy. He came to restore man from selfishness by being the ultimate example of love and sacrifice. He came to display to us a love that was boundless and a life that was sinless. He never harmed anyone, but he was persecuted, and reviled, and people who now call His people....haters. Nope, no common sense at all. 

As we walk through the next seasons of life, begin to read about the life of Jesus. His life was an uncommon life. His love is an uncommon love. His gift is an uncommon gift. His peace is uncommon in a world that knows no peace. Man is not losing his battle with God. God will be with us no matter what. He will never leave us or forsake us. It is man who has shut God out. And for those people...God really does not exist.  Common sense is truly uncommon these days. This is why we need a God who is uncommon. The last thing we need right now is more of what we have...that which is common to man.


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