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Larry Roques

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I put up a post today on my Facebook wall about "being drug" by our parents through various things that made us better people today. It really caused me to think about the differences between the world in the 1950s and today. God did not add or subtract any physical, intellectual, or spiritual thing from us. We are the same as we always were. What changes is not people, but culture. What brought down Rome was not intelligent design or evolutionary was culture...or the lack thereof. There is a difference between fear born of terrors and fear born of respect. I am a sixty year old man who still refers to a police officer 35 years my junior as "sir" or "mam". I still have qualities in me that were instilled by my mother and father to respect others, not because of obligation, but because of regard for human dignity as a creature of God. Gun control will solve nothing. Social agenda and programs will bring no answers. What will change us all is a deep abiding relationship with our creator God and His Son, Jesus. All that can save us now is a complete and total culture change. Diversity is just another word for confusion. We are all children of God. The diversity in us is simply the fashion of the day. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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