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Larry Roques

The Pastor's Journal of House of Joy Church


The Jezebel spirit manifests in the church through the sin of presumption. The usurping of legitimate authority comes into the a body of believers through a person or persons influenced, oppressed, or possessed by the Jezebel spirit. Classic characterization of Jezebel is the presence of an Ahab. Ahab in the bible was the seventh King of Israel, also Jezebel's husband. Jezebel exercised demonic power over Ahab to the point where he took up her causes and defended her false ascent to a perceived authority and a false kingdom. Her selfish tyrannical whims were met by Ahab with fear and trembling to the point where she ran the kingdom via marionette strings. Everyone feared crossing her, not because of her legitimacy, but because of her violent outbursts and thirst for control. She ran things from her counterfeit throne to the point where she even drove the prophet of God into hiding for fear of his life. Jezebel is very much alive and well in the present day church. Find a will find a Jezebel. They can be male or female, demonic spirits are not prejudiced. They undermine the established authority. They breathe threats of sinking the ship if they can't control it. Their focus is not the ministry but themselves. Their chief tool is intimidation and they are often found igniting bridges behind them. Their bark is so bad that they can cause legitimate leadership to cower. As I mentioned earlier, Jezebel of the Bible ran Elijah the Prophet of God into a cave fearing for his personal safety. God had to go looking for him and tell him to snap out of it.
I share this because the church dynamic of today is a game changer. People shift around in churches like housekeeping changes sheets at a hotel. Many are genuinely searching for a church home. Some are still seeking for God, and then there are the ones who are trying to find a stronghold for their own cause. Jezebel's husband was the king, but he did not rule. He was one of the ones fearing his wife’s wrath. His time was not spent leading his kingdom, but catering to the whims of Jezebel. Jezebel in a church can be detrimental to its effectiveness. Everything in that church can become centrifugal around a person or small group of people running things via an illicit sub-system.

Here are some ways to recognize and avoid Jezebel:

1. There is always an Ahab. This person is an enabler. It could be a pastor, deacon, or even a spouse. Their job is not to do the bidding of anyone else but Jezebel.

2. There is an inner kingdom. They establish a system within a system in order to access the authority they need but do not legitimately possess.

3. They submit to no one. They are usually egocentric. They have a very high opinion of themselves and do not think anyone else has a valid position.

4. They are lording and intimidating. They will talk down to you when no one gave them authority to do so. Again, they submit to no one. Remember, Jezebel in the Bible was married to the king. It was not her was her device.

5. The Jezebel spirit uses undermining tactic and manipulation. They will adorn you with compliment, but in the end, it is just to achieve their goals and objectives.

6. They are reckless. They will destroy their own home to get what they want. They will throw everybody and anybody under the bus to get the desires of their heart. They will breach every protocol known to get their way.

7. Jezebel takes no prisoners. Her end game is domination. She is not in this for wall trophies, but specific goals that usually only benefit themselves. Legitimate authority seeks the good of all. Jezebel seeks the good of Jezebel.

The only way to see the church thrive on this earth is for it to be a kingdom run by the King of Kings. It must be shepherded by men and women of integrity, people who have paid their dues not with mere education, but with faithfulness, a humble servant's spirit, and much prayer and patience.
This brief writing is not to alarm you that "everyone in the church is a Jezebel". Nothing could be further from the truth. But when you encounter a controlling personality who refutes authority, bad mouths churches and ministries, seizes opportunity to exalt themselves rather than lift up the brethren, it may be time to step back and trust the authority in place at that church, knowing that God put them there for a time such as this.

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